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Chiamaka’s Rape Case: Where do you belong?

Worried young woman being accused

Chiamaka was a beautiful 14-year-old, who was raised just right. Her studies were priority, and frolicking with boys was the last thing on her mind. One would think that those were enough to keep her out of harm’s way but that was not to be.

The young girl was attacked by some drug emboldened miscreants who raped her to death on the bedroom floor of her parents’ house.

Her case is not isolated. In recent times, there has been a spike in the number of reported rape cases. There is a rape story every other day, with Chiamaka’s case being the height of it. Many have shared their opinions and views on this scourging menace on social media. Of course, as can be expected, different people have come with different views. There are the sympathisers, the activists and the excuse givers. One of the excuse givers is Ogagun Seyi Gcfr who blames rape on indecent dressing.


In my opinion, those who give excuses for rape are just as guilty as the rapists. I call these ones the enablers. They come in different forms, from the seemingly well-meaning to the absurd.

The Why Group

Those who immediately ask questions belong to this group. You hear them ask such questions as: “Why didn’t she shout? Why did she wear revealing clothes? (These ones are the captains of the Why class.)  Why was she out and about at that time of the night? Why did she go to his house? Why was she rude to the boys?” The WHYs go on.


The Virginity Protection Squad

These are the ones who say the victim should keep quiet so that the world will not know that she has had her hymen punctured. Never mind that she was violated. The other ones would ask if she was a virgin. You’d hear such things as “after all, she no be virgin, why she kon dey vex.” For this group, it’s not about the girl or the violation, it’s a matter of her hymen.


The Prove Him Wrong Gang

They are the “prove him wrong” gang. This group boasts of motivational speakers, positive thinkers and trauma experts. They tell the victim to ‘move on’, be successful and let their success shame the rapist. They tell her to ‘not make a fuss after all she is not the only one.’ This group trivializes the pain, forgetting that people handle things differently. They would not allow people deal with their issues at their own pace.


What all of these groups inadvertently do is shift the blame of rape from the culprit to the victim. Rather than hold the guilty responsible, the burden of responsibility is placed on the victim. Rape isn’t just physical violation, it is also emotional and psychological. The last thing the victim needs is any form of shaming. They certainly do not need all judgments passed on them by social media critics who have no idea what they are going through. What they need is justice and professional help.

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  1. It is such a grievous offence for a person to rape a lady.. I will not begin to define in clear terms what rape means or entails because like it or not, a perpetrator of rape should be severely punished as it has always been..
    We should know that ladies are the most vulnerable physically and emotionally between both sexes especially wen it comes to rape, thus the offence of rape establishes a nefariously unbalanced society… The trauma, the disdain, the anger that a lady feels after this act, sometimes the utter disappointment in themselves when they remember how they were overpowered by the strength nature has bestowed on men and not them, makes the action totally despicable…
    We have heard various disgusting extenauting arguments about how a lady should take some portion of the blame for the perpetrator’s individual resolve to commit an atrocity and I say grow up! Even as a lawyer, I was taught various defenses on this issue and I say they are bloody foolish and deridable.. What happened to the first core right of a human as to right and liberty… That a woman wears a mini gives no one the bloody audacity to rape her.. Why not get ur wife to wear one for you? Bunches of utter disgrace… She didn’t scream?! What about victims who had a weapon held up to their faces?! Bloody fools!!! There’s no bloody excuse for this offence and the excuse propounders only compound d aftermath of this felony on the victims, so they should stop… What to do?

    Immediately a lady has gone through this excruciating invasion of her rightful privacy, she should immediately be taken to the hospital for treatments and records keeping… A good doctor knows what to do from then on…

    The police should be reached immediately if there wld b any chance that the perpetrator would be caught and for this the police should begin to make themselves available and easy to access which means that we should emulate the boon of security gridlock from developed countries at least to apprehend rapists who are always slothful if you ask me… If the victims must heal then justice is the fastest way for them to heal…

    We should also be very careful and very conscious of our environment..
    I sympathize with those who have been victims of rape and I pray they garner the strength and resources to heal as fast as possible… Let them try to keep hopes alive as we should do our best to be sure that they heal.

  2. Kolomentality @ Ogagun Seyi!
    It is only a man that has gross lack of self control that can express such cannibalistic tendencies. Every human has a choice of fashion and style, and if you as a man can not stand the thrills of cleavages & tight clothes, please relocate to some mangrove forest in Odukpani.


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