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Child Rape: Addressing the Culture of Shame and Silence


The 5th edition of #TheConversation will address Child Rape.

The prevalence of child rape cases in society are backed by ignorance, negligence and a culture of silence.

The event will attend to real cases of child sexual molestation and rape, how to recognize signs of abuse, provide information on child safety, question traditions and societal methods of child nurturing, and provide new knowledge.


The speakers for the event are:

Timilehin Oyebode, CEO Attitude Development International . A survivor with a story that challenges traditional methods to parenting.

Itoro Eze-Anaba, the heart behind The Mirabel Centre, Lagos’ only rape centre run by Partnership for Justice. The stories behind those walls are alarming.


Iheoma Obibi, feminist and activist; a powerful voice challenging patriarchal stereotypes and privileges.

ORIENTAL NOW-Recovered-2

It is time to speak out for the sake of the children. Let us protect the future. Let us address the stigma.

Let us kill the silence that shrouds and protects the perpetrators of sexual crime.

Join us on Sunday, November 8 at Oriental Hotel, Lekki by 2pm.

The event is sponsored by www.happenings.com.ng

#TheConversation is convened by Joy Isi Bewaji.

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