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Children’s Day! – 7 Fun Places to Give Your Kids a Treat


It’s all about the kids! It’s Children’s Day today, and the kids get the day off from school. Wondering what to do with/for them… We’ve put together a few places you can visit to give your children a treat, because the kids just wanna have fun today .

1. Dominos Pizza

You’re in luck because Dominos has something planned for the kids today. They will be giving out free pizazz and other fun fun stuff like face painting and much more. You shouldn’t miss this!

It’s located on Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island.


2. Tickle Bay

Its located on 44, Alexander Road, Ikoyi Lagos. This is a family playground which your kids will definitely enjoy. It has a playground, a pool, restaurants and much more. It is guaranteed to be a fun day out and will have your kids jumping up and down with glee.


3. Play Zone

Located at Ikeja City Mall & The Palms Mall Lekki, Lagos. The name says it all. If you’re looking for a way to engage your kids and get them out of your hair, just take them to play zone. With branches in both Lekki & Ikeja, you won’t have issues of not having one close to you.


4. Wonderland

If you’re in Abuja, you can check this out. It is an amusement park & resort. They have rides, arcades, food and lots more. You won’t have to worry about putting your kids to bed because they’ll probably be knocked out by the time they’re done here.

Its located at B1 Kukbawa, Opposite National Stadium, Abuja FCT.


5. Johnny Rockets

This is a 1950s themed diner with juke boxes littered around. They put smiley faces on the plates for kids and even start singing and dancing while you eat. The young ones are sure to love it. Johnny Rockets can be found in both Lagos & Abuja.

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6. Coldstone Creamery

Take your kids for a delicious, creamy cup of ice cream at the Coldstone Creamery & Midday Oasis Children’s day. This event holds at the Apapa store located at 68, Calcutta Crescent, Queens Barracks Road, Apapa. Your Kids are sure to have fun!


7. Cinemas

Kids love movies, so take them to see a really fun movie at the cinemas. If you stay in Lagos, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas has scheduled movies, like ‘Tomorrowland’ and ‘ OOPS! Noah is Gone’. They are located at The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, Lagos.


Whatever you plan on doing, be it staying home and making a great meal for the kids or taking them out, parents, just give your children a good time today. Happy Children’s Day!


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