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Chilling! Director of security officer’s son murders girlfriend over jealousy (Photos/Video)


The murder of one 22-year-old, Enid Twijukye a second year student of International Business by her boyfriend has delivered a big blow to  the Uganda Police, Judiciary and Uganda’s spy networks.

Brian Bagyenda 28, said to be the son of Uganda’s new director of Internal Security Organisation, Col Frank Bagyenda aka Kaka, has been charged with the murder.

Dr. Brian upon arraignment in court on Tuesday, Feb 14,2017, confessed that he murdered his girlfriend out of jealousy and rage, after he saw photos she took with another man on a phone he bought for her.

He murdered the late victim by suffocating her to death with the help of his friends 24-year-old Innocent Bainomugisha, and 28-year-old Vincent Rwahwire.

However, following the influence and status of the accused’ family, the said murderer has been freed. Speaking the family of the deceased disclosed that the suspect is no longer in custody, and that his father is likely to use his influence to tamper justice.

“We have been told that Police officers are too scared to comment or even handle the matter because it involves their boss (new ISO boss Kaka), and we are getting worried that we may get a doctored postmortem report,” a source told the Ugandan.

Comments from the accused father Col. Kaka has proved abortive.
It’s so sad the extent people would go to claim “ownership” of their partners. Status or not, the accused should be made to face the full wrath of the law – No respecter of persons.
So sad.

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