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Chimamanda Gives Reasons For The High Rate Of Male Suicide


Acclaimed Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, at the Inbound Conference in Boston, gave reasons for male suicide.

According to her, the rate of male suicides surpasses that of the female, because of several socio-cultural factors. Chimamanda has stirred controversy amongst Nigerians as a result of her unconventional views.

As an unrepentant feminist, the author has been quite fearless about airing her beliefs.  Especially with regards the position of women in the society.

An excerpt from her speech at the Inbound Conference reads:

“But it is men who have a much higher rate of dying by suicide, why? Because Men are socialised to suppress so many human parts of themselves

“Men are socialised not to ask for help. To see asking for help as a weakness instead of the strength that it actually is.

“Men are socialised to be afraid of fear; not to show vulnerability. From the moment we tell a little boy, that boys don’t cry or we tell a hurting teenager to man-up. We are creating an adult man who will be cheated of the full range of his human emotions. And so while men benefit from patriarchy as we all know, the truth is that men also suffer from it.”

Although not many agree with her opinion about male suicide. Most people think patriarchy has absolutely nothing to do with the increasing rate of male suicide.

Do you agree with her?


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