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#ChineduAsks: What has been your worst experience as a security guard?


The security guard is a protector – a shield against harm, that said one of the duties of a security guard is to make him or herself clearly visible, as this would deter criminals (of course we would agree that most burglars, shoplifters, muggers, and other criminals would think twice if they see a security guard on duty).

However not all criminals fret on sight of an armed security man and many have tales of stubborn criminals who have challenged them regardless.  I took a walk around Ademola Adetokunbo in Victoria Island to ask the security personnel what their experience has been as security guards; here is what they have to say:

Augustine Ewafem


I’m working with Nathaniel Securities. God has been faithful since I started this job because we don’t have power of our own. I haven’t had any bad experience so far, even my company staff in Laterna hasn’t had any complain on my job.

Okeke Benjamin


I started working with Alogen security company one year ago and during that time, I have had both the good and bad experience. Armed robbery, lost/misplaced customer properties, etc. The first day I started working here we lost an iPod worth sixty thousand naira (N60, 000) and we were all asked to pay for it.

A similar thing happened at Ikeja where I used to work before. That day was hectic and we were tired. So, we decided to rest a bit: a phone got missing. We had to pay because we are security; we secure lives and properties.

Moses (Man on the left)

Yes, I have. It was at my former office at Adeola Odeku. I was on night shift that night when the robbers came. The only thing that saved me that day was that the office doors were strong and I had locked all the doors before going to shower. So, when they came, they couldn’t enter rather they were just shooting the door lock.

I ran out of the bathroom and hid myself then called the police. I couldn’t face them because we are not given weapons at all. I had only sticks and a bat for my protection and to guard the compound. They didn’t even give me PR24 (a poisonous substance) to work with.

Abel Imabor

Security is not easy for a human being like us to do because this is a job that has to do with mind, character and the use of weapons. One of my colleagues here was arrested because a client couldn’t find her phone and he was on duty at the time. The company sacked him due to that. This job is in between police cell and ‘Kirikiri’. You have to be extra careful, if not, you’ll either lose your job or go to prison for something you know nothing about.

Yakubu Joy


The only bad experience I have had was when I was newly posted to this post in Oko-Awo. A thief broke into our security house and stole my clothes, money and I.D card. But after three days, the person returned the ID card back for me. One of my colleagues here saw the ID Card on the floor and brought it to me.

Mr Albert


I have been in different situations in this job but it all depends on how you comput yourself and relate with your colleagues. However, my rule is that you safe guard yourself first whenever there is any security challenge. Thereafter, you guard the properties and any other thing there is.

The situation I can remember now, is an armed robbery attack at Apapa where I used to work before. Even the police stationed at our office ran away but with your experience in the job you’ll know you need to safe guard yourself and the premises before you can run or can you confront an armed robber? No, but I safe guard my office that night and the policemen because they ran into my office too and it’s not like I had any gun with me.

So, you rely on your little experience in handling the situation. As a security agent, you can’t afford to over sleep because  a robber can come any time and if they meet you sleeping, then it’s all over for you that day.

 Andrew Uswa


I’ve been working with King Davids security company since 2012 and this job like any other has his advantages and disadvantages. I had a bad experience last December, when someone form the next compound brought a complain to my Oga that one of us jumped into his compound in the night and stole his properties. That very day, I was on Morning duty, so I wasn’t involved but the man called police and we were all taken to the station.

We were asked to write a statement at the station but I refused because I didn’t know anything about the incident. I explained to the officer and he asked me to go. Aside that, I don’t think I’ve had any other bad encounter on the job.

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