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Chris Brown’s home invasion: Police close to nabbing robbers


The people who burgled Chris Brown’s home are close to being caught.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that they’re pretty close to finding the culprits who broke into the singer’s home, held his aunt at gunpoint and “made off with $50 000”.

The sources told the site that the culprits were caught on camera leaving Chris’ home after the robbery. This all led to a gas station close to the star’s home where surveillance footage showed the robbers’ getaway car.

Sources added to the site that the police have possessed a “partial license plate” leading them to Compton.

TMZ’s sources believe that one of the robbers might belong to the notorious Bloods gang.

Now how did this gang get involved with Chris Brown? Apparently, Chris has been associated with the Bloods, with TMZ reporting that the singer “has had ties”.

TMZ reports that cops are currently chatting to the locals, with the site being informed that “they’re closing in on the culprits”.

source: msn.com

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