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Christian community accuses Beyonce of idolatry during Grammy performance


By Busari Yusuf

Beyonce’s live performance at Sunday’s Grammy Awards was tagged absolutely amazing by many, but the Christian community doesn’t think so.

Beyonce performed a melody of Love Drought and Sandcastles during the Grammys and paid homage to the diety Osun, who is the goddess of water, love, fertility and divinity. The singer was adorned in gold from head to toe just as the goddess is often depicted. This was Beyonce’s way of celebrating fertility and saying she would end the ‘love drought’.


Bey’s performance has caused an all out religious battle between Christians who are accusing her of likening herself to God or recognising other ‘gods’ causing her fans and spectators to idolise her, and people who are angry that she’s being demonised for acknowledging the African goddess.

Some say that Beyonce was also mocking Jesus, during the production, when women laid their heads on her shoulders and kneeled before her just like the disciples did in the last supper. Others say that Queen B is ‘woke’ and is trying to spread knowledge about African roots.

Exodus 34;14 from the Bible reads, ‘For thou shall not worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is jealous, is a jealous God’ and Christians have gone ahead to reference this verse to warn anyone who may be compromising their faith to idolise her.

The other argument is that artistes dress up as Greek gods and goddesses all the time and never receive this much backlash. The second a black goddess is honoured through art, the artist is labelled as demonic. Is it because of Beyonce is held in such high standard? Lets remember that idols only have as much power as you give them.

Watch her performance below;

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