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Clash of Titans: Crisis Between Olubadan and New Kings Deepens


Isaac Oguntoye

The seat of a traditional ruler is so sacrosanct that none, even the governor of a state has the power to dethrone a king.

However, as the relationship between the government and traditional rulers evolved, the sacred seat of kings became politicized.

Case in point is the conflict currently brewing in Ibadan, between the Ibadan Oba’s Council.

An inside source revealed to Happenings.com.ng that some individuals who are unable to advice the court judge on customary practices and the treaty between traditional rulers and Governors, may be at the root of the royal crisis in Ibadan.

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With this unfolding royal brouhaha, the Olubadan, Oba Saliu Akanmu Adetunji, Aje Ogungunniso 1, patiently awaits the decisions of the court, even as the 21 Obas appointed by the state Governor, Abiola Ajimobi are making moves to unceremoniously unseat the Olubadan, if he fails to follow the Governor’s directives.

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The Olubadan as a magnanimous ruler is wiling to recieve his chiefs once more into his royal fold, if they renounce the unrecognized crowns of these state appointed Obas.

The embattled King, has urged his high chiefs to entertain no fear, as their seats would not be declared vacant in the absence of a court verdict.

In the words of the Olubadan, “By custom and tradition, no Olubadan has been recommended for removal from office by any high chief or group of high chiefs at any time and my own reign will not be an exception.

“At least, we have received applications from families of about four of the embattled high chiefs asking for their immediate replacement. But, like a prodigal son, we hope that they would sooner than later renounce the unrecognized crowns and return to the warm embrace of their father as the palace door is perpetually open.

“The high chiefs are hereby advised to emulate high chiefs in other places, who are not wearing crowns but still earn respect of their people for peace and progress to reign supreme in the land.”


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