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Client mistakenly pays N1m instead of N16,000 to couple’s joint account; they abscond!


So apparently according to an Instagram user @chaff2chic_ltd, a couple visited her shop and very impressed by the wife’s glowing skin decided to compliment her, upon which she learnt that the lady deals with natural cream and soap.  Of course, she patronised her and her was billed the sum of N16,000.

Two days however, she asked her shop agent to send the shop’s account number so she could pay part of the rent, at that moment, the account of the beauty expert Mrs Fatima Tijjani Ahmad @mssfancy’s drops as a message but she carelessly didn’t check and mistakenly sent the N1m cash to her. Upon realising her mistake, she informed the couple and they confirmed receiving the alert promising to send it the following day.

But it’s now three weeks and the couple ever since has been coming up with different excuses; miscarriage, kidney infection to blocking her and fellow interveners, preaching about how wealthy they are.

See below;

“Sometime late last year, I came across a couple, Mr Ahmad Lawal @egnr_m.I.u and Mrs Fatima Tijjani Ahmad @mssfancy, in my business place in Calabar. The husband had his hair cut and some laundry done, while the wife had her hair done, pedicure/manicure, had a face beat @fumis_makeup , and a few mssfancy t-shirts branded for her @ajeboclothings…all embodied in a single building @chaff2chic_ltd..I noticed her nice skin and complimented her and she told me she sells natural cream and soap. I patronized her and asked for her account number..my bill was 16,000 Naira.

Two days later, on the 29th of December, I asked my shop agent to send me the account number so I can pay my shop rent and for some reason, a message drops with account number and phone number. Very unlike me, I was careless and mistakenly transferred part of my shop rent (1,000,000) to Mrs Fatima Tijjani Ahmad @mssfancy .. Upon realising what happened, I called to inform them and thankfully, they swiftly acknowledged receiving an alert from me..and agreed to transfer it back the following day.

2 days passed and I didn’t call to trouble them because I made the mistake in the first place and at this time the agent and lawyers were already on my neck. Then a week passed and they kept giving stories of a loved one dying and his wife having a miscarriage and kidney infection.. I still waited for them to mourn their loved one while I prayed for her quick recovery.

2 weeks passed and three weeks passed and still nothing. When i tried to reach out to people following her on IG, she suddenly blocked me and every other person that confronted her about it and sends me an epistle of how wealthy they are.

Till date I haven’t heard from them concerning my money… they don’t take my calls anymore or reply my messages. I have screen munches of our conversation (the wife and I), recorded conversations (the husband and I), proof of payment etc. Please help a young struggling girl reach out to them, beg them to send back my money please!!.” she cried out.


N1m in this time of recession??


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