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Comedian Baba DE Baba Releases New Comedy Skit

by Tushbee
Comedian Baba DE Baba, is at it again, this time, an Igbo comedy skit. He plays the role of tribalistic landlord who has Yoruba tenants and one Igbo tenant.
He hates the Yoruba tenants but refuses to evict them, because they are timely in their payment of the rent and utility bills, however the Igbo tenant he is partial to, constitutes a major nuisance in his compound.
The skit features Baba DE Baba,  Naija Gal, Chichi Daniels, Onasile Olaleke, Olalekan Onileyan, Mr Perfect, Laff Ambassador, Iyk Man.
It is written, produced and directed by Baba De Baba.
See Behind the Scenes Photos:

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