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March your way into the new year with blocked heels


Happy new year!!!… First off, this new year, may your style be flawless and your fashion on point! Amen. Lol. Let’s talk about block heels for a bit, honestly stilettos are great for a lot of events but not everyday life; Like standing for long hours, walking to work, rushing between meetings, the whole shebang. That’s where blocked heels come in. They are a great staple to march into the new year and they’re a hot item.


Whether worn to work with cropped trousers or bare-legged with a slinky slip dress, the style is incredibly chic. Plus, there’s the whole comfort factor–these shoes might be high, but they’re a lot more sensible than your tiny stilettos.


Yes, blocked heels are the new stilettos. No matter the height or style, when you’re going for comfortable fashion, blocked heels are the way to got.

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