Home Metro Contraband Strolling into your Life like a Tribal Demon

Contraband Strolling into your Life like a Tribal Demon


When you see these trucks driving by like drunken men, know that you just watched the spectacular display of contraband goods making way into your city and into your life.

Packed to the brim with black market merchandise, the police is their friend, the night is their accomplice, and YOU are their victim waiting to happen. They hide under the watch of night to stealthily cause ruin.

They don’t come with NAFDAC numbers or any surety of safety. In the market, they marry other goods, you may not be able to tell the difference. All of these happen because some individuals need to make quick cash. They jump the legal route of approval and filter into our shops and markets. Bad governance is the reason why these activities go unchecked.

At some point we should all be worried that over 170 million people have very little power over their own dignity and protection.


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