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Corruption Within Aso Villa Security Team


Security is of paramount importance in a nation, no less, security in the villa. As reliably gathered by http://happenings, some members of the security team, guarding the villa in Abuja and the former state house in Dordan barracks Lagos, were excluded from being paid a general allowance, they are entitled to, known as Risk Caution Allowance (RCA), since the inception of this administration.

Building the morale of security personnel, such as the MOPOL, SSS,  is a very germane thing to do. Confidential information reveals that all is not well with security within the Villa.

As reliably gathered by http://Happenings.com.ng, scores of  security team guarding the Villa in Abuja and the former state house in Dordan barracks Lagos, aside their salaries were selectively excluded from the list of those entitled to a general allowance known as, Risk Caution Allowance (RCA) since the inception of this administration.

From our findings, the sidelined officers,  are being owed at least #3m naira, as the RCA totalled #92,000 naira monthly per person. For over two years, these officers have been thrown into a state of despondency, as they watch their colleagues benefit from the largesse of the powers that be, while deprivation is their own lot.

A source who pleaded anonymity stated that most times, while his colleagues get alerts on their mobile phones, with regards RCA, he is left dumbfounded at the unfair treatment and downcasted at the denial of his RCA entitlement.

He affirmed that while President Muhammadu Buhari is not aware of this ungoing dicrimination within the ranks, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, is aware of the plights of the sidelined officers. As some of those guarding his mother in her Lagos residence had to give give him an inkling, before respite came, while others who were not so lucky, were left in the cold.

Although some security personnel are being paid their RCA , others have been left unpaid for two years plus. About 60 officers in Lagos alone are affected and numerous in the Villa, have also fallen victim of this ill treatment.

According to this reliable source, same tasks are allotted to the security teams, however they are discriminated against, in the matter of RCA payment. And an officer who dares to speak up against the discrimination will get layed off or demobilized, which is worse.
The MOPOL and DSSa are the worst hit by this untoward development. As it is clear security in the Villa is riddled with corruption, even though, there are a body meant to stand against corruption in all forms. As it stands, the NSA, CPSO and the MOPOL commander are not exonerated from this discrimination of their men.

Corruption in the Villa is so widespread, that officers are denied Villa tags as a form of disciplinary action, even though it stands in the way of their jobs. While non- security personnels are given unfettered access to the Villa.

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