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Couple charged for abuse and neglect of their 3-month-old baby


By Mojola Aturamu

A couple Olalekan, 40 and Arinola Olawusi, 33, who live in Rhode Island have been arraigned over child abuse and neglect after it was discovered that their 3-month-old child Tobiloba Olawusi had old and new injuries that suggested assault.

Providence Journal reports that Olalekan, had on Monday, dialed 911 saying his child wasn’t breathing.

Providence police say firefighters resuscitated the baby after finding out that he didn’t have a pulse.

Arinola and Olalekan Olawusi

Tobiloba was rushed to Hasbro Children’s Hospital, it was discovered that he had bite marks and a fractured skull, broken ribs, arms and legs even though the infant’s condition has not reported.

The head of Child Abuse unit of Providence police, Special Assistant Attorney General Shannon Signore, said Arinola, in her statement revealed that Olalekan bit the baby and pulled his legs to “make him grow and strong.”
A District Court judge granted $40,000 bail with surety to Olalekan and ordered him to surrender his Nigerian passport and the couple have been ordered not to have any access to the child.

Arinola,the wife is the author of a book: “A-Z Ways to Achieve Your Goals In Life,” which she described as “a simple, alphabetical and practical… to motivate and build your confidence into realizing your life goals.”

In her Author’s Bio,she was described thus:

”Arinola Olawusi is…. very passionate about knowledge and information along with motivating and encouraging the hurting. A gifted motivational speaker and a strong believer in the Word. Arinola is always willing to give back to her community whenever the Lord gives her the opportunity. When she is not writing, she is involved with helping pregnant and worried women and their children. She currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island. She is happily married to Bro Olalekan Olawusi and their home is blessed with a loving son.”

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