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Dancing Senator Demola Adeleke Takes 25 Year Old Debola as 4th Wife


Adebare Akinwale

Demola Adeleke, the Senator who was swept into office based on the sentimental controversies concerning his brother’s death,Isiaka Adeleke, the original holder of Osun West people’s mandate, is on the verge of increasing his number of wives.

The federal lawmaker who blew into popularity with his public dancing – he has been ordered to stop, is wooing a 25 year old as his new wife.

Adeleke just celebrated his 58th birthday. And he is credited with having three “wives” already. Those in the know disclosed the identity of the lady the Senator is apparently keen on making his newest wife as “Debola”.

Our sources said “The Senator is obsessed with her”. Further checks confirmed that Demola is however handicapped by his latest political moves (or rather the step he has been ordered to take). He wants to become the next governor of Osun state (reason he was ordered to stop the mindless public dancing) thanks to elder brother Deji who provided the opportunity.

Deji, the billionaire father of music star, Davido, was approached by the leaders of the People’s Democratic Party in Osun state to become the party’s candidate but he turned down the offer by presenting Demola in exchange for providing all required financial and related support needed to prosecute the campaign.

Demola is said to be taking extra care, to keep private his move to marry in fourth wife, so as not to rock the public campaign of becoming the next governor of Osun state. He is obsessed with Debola and has told her he would do all within his power to make her his wife, if the information reaching Happenings is any indication.

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