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Danger! Third Mainland Bridge on the Brink of Collapse +Pictures and Video inside


Oluwabunmi Obarotimi

Infrastructural neglect is a major crisis bedeviling the Nigerian community, this has always exposed Nigerians to danger. Findings by Happenings.com.ng reveals that road users plying the famous 3rd mainland bridge, are doing so at their own risk.

Years back the bridge was closed for maintenance, with millions if not billions of Naira earmarked for the 3rd mainland bridge repairs, we can tell you authoritatively that sections of the bridge is detaching itself, dangerously leaving gaping holes. This is because the metal that holds and ensures sections of the bridge is interlocked and fastened is terribly eroded.

Clearly it is only a matter of time, before the constant use by motorists and vibrations of the eroded metal, cause the hole to get wider, causing motorists who depend on the bridge to get to the mainland or Island untold danger.

This is a disaster waiting to happen, albeit avoidable.

See Photos and Video:



Photos and Video Credit: Athan Nwaokorie

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