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My Daughter has Never seen her Father before: says Uche Ogbodo


It isn’t news that actress Uche Ogbodo has an estranged husband, her marriage was brief, as it crashed only after a few months, they were married. According to her, there is no love lost between her and her estranged ex-husband, Nigerian football star, Ato Ubby, so much so they aren’t speaking and her daughter born a few months after the dissolution of her marriage has never met her father. According to the nollywood actress, she is left speechless and unable to give an answer to her daughter’s questions about her father.

When asked if she would love again, enough to remarry, she admits she would like to get married and have a partner and lifelong companion, who will be a father for her daughter. In response to how fame has robbed her of finding a suitable father figure for her child and partner, she says fame exposes her to unsavory men who are attracted to her celebrity status than her true personality. And after a while they begin to experience compatibility issues hidden beneath all the glitz and glamour.

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