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Has Davido Become his Father’s Headache?


Sofowora Oladapo

Billionaire businessman, Dr. Deji Adeleke, the father of Nigerian music star, Davido, is unhappy with the controversies, constantly dogging his son’s every step. As a business man, known for his quiet lifestyle, despite his immense wealth, it was a surprise to close family and friends of the Adelekes when the mogul, gave Davido his blessings, to pursue a career in the volatile and often reckless entertainment industry.

A source divulged to Happenings.com.ng, that the terms of agreement between father and son, entailed the singer staying away from bad friends, alcohol, drugs, women and vices that plague the entertainment industry. Clearly, Davido has flouted these terms at every turn, if the raunchy videos of him with different women; flaunting wads of cash; drinking and smoking is any indication.

Since Davido achieved super star status on the music scene, he has been plagued with several scandals; he seems to have lost the ‘well trained boy status’, with his dad, as he was labelled irresponsible during the ugly conflict between him and his baby mama Sophie Momodu.

His blatant disrespect of Dele Momodu, a contemporary of his father; even worse, the ignominious death of two of his friends, have all become bad publicity that have stuck to him like glue .

It would seem he is hell-bent on deliberately ruining his father’s good reputation, as he never fails to inform all who care to listen of how his father’s influence will get him out of trouble.

This also informs his constant boast about his father’s enormous wealth, which has earned him the sobriquet, Omo Baba Olowo (OBO).

The source further divulged to Happenings.com.ng, that the mogul with an impressive business empire, is indeed saddened by the reckless turn his son has taken. The chairman of Pacific Group, is plagued with sleepless nights, ever since the news broke of his connection with Tagbo Umeike’s death and the cloud of police investigation hanging over him.

Furthermore, it does nothing to redeem the singer in the eyes of his father, when his close friend DJ Olu died of an alleged overdose of drugs.

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  1. Lol, it goes without saying that Davido is notorious and his notoriety leaves him always living on the edge.

    However, it is almost impossible to name one popular musician who didn’t drink, womanize, smoke or venture into any other vice before and after becoming famous. These are the cankerworms that eat into youths who seek fame and fortune before character.

    Truth is, they believe that they can do what they like as long as they have money and this uninformed notion of theirs intensifies the exuberance that they exude to the extreme.

    The belief that money answereth all is a religion people like Davido grew up practicing and this has clouded his memory about anything, so much so that it’ll be a herculean task to ever walk him out of that thought.

    His father on the other hand should find out the root of this belief and do his best to uproot it while instilling the value of good personality and self discipline into him as this is the only way to make things right. He should be admonished and not rebuked if they ever want to make him understand.


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