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Did You Know That Smoke From Mosquito Coil Equals 100 Cigarette Sticks?


Ilori titilayo

Mosquito coil is a very effective mosquito repellent and widely used in tropical or warm climate countries. mosquito coil is simple, cheap and easy to use


For that reasons,it is very popular in Asia,Africa and south America.  However,according to expert,the smoke that is emitted by these mosquito coils may certain pollutants that can be of serious health concern


Not many people know about it but the damage done to your lungs by one mosquito coil is equivalent to damage done by 137 cigarettes  experts’ claim

According to a new research conducted in Malaysia, the estimate shown above, is derived based on the assumption that pollutant concentration in the room, is homogeneous.

In reality, concentrations actually inhaled by room occupants may be higher than the estimated concentrations, because the room air may not necessarily be well mixed and the source (coil) may be placed in close proximity to the breathing zone, (the bed level during sleeping).

In houses using mosquito colis, children usually sleep in small rooms.

To prevent them from excessive mosquito biting, the windows of their rooms are often closed during sleeping hours thus, the predicted indoor concentrations above, are likely to be very conservative and underestimated.

Researchers have found that gas phase of mosquito coil smoke, contains some carbonyl compounds with properties that can produce strong irritating effects on the upper respiratory tract for example, Formaldehyde And Acetaldehyde.

Coil consumers, usually use mosquito coil for at least several months every year.

Cumulative effects from long term exposure to the coil smoke, may also be a concern.

Epidemiologic studies have shown that long term exposure to mosquito coil smoke, can also induce asthma and persistent wheeze in children.

Therefore, it is quite evident that  mosquito coil smoke poses both acute and chronic health risks in the short and long term usage.

To avoid and kill mosquitoes indoors, one should maintain hygienic atmosphere in and around home place and use natural and safe mosquito killer whenever necessary.

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