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Domestic Violence: ‘Men are not always at fault’ – Empress Njamah


Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah, has shared her opinion on domestic violence and she makes a case for men, saying sometimes women push the men to hitting them.

In an interview with Broadway TV, the actress says men aren’t always to blame for domestic violence, as women often nag their partners, abuse them mentally, thus pushing them into physical altercation.

She says, “Sometimes women are headstrong and they can actually traumatise their partner mentally, that can actually make them run mad”. She added, some men ‘probably do not know when they hit’ the women.

She went to say women need to read books and google things on how to keep a man and make him happy.

This statement has stirred major outrage on social media among folks who have accused the actress of enabling domestic violence.

Watch the clip below:

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