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Dose of style: How to infuse a touch of menswear into your outfits


Menswear inspired outfits are fresh, they’re fashion forward and they are a great way to rock your favorite pieces worn by the men and still looking chic while at it. There are a few masculine pieces that could infuse a touch of menswear into any outfit you wear. We’ll highlight them in detail below

Try brogues


Brogues are menswear inspired street wear. They are actually men’s shoes, but can be worn by the ladies. There are also some which have been remodeled to look more feminine. They can be worn with almost anything and are very comfortable.

The waist coat


The waistcoat when styled properly could make an outfit standout. Though a menswear peice, when styled correctly, it could be given a feel of feminine. Throw on a waistcoat with a shirt and a pencil skirt for maximum effect.

And a two piece suit


A two piece menswear inspired suit could be a stunner any time, any day. Take a cue from @fisayolonge and make your pants super skinny to keep it chic regardless. Add heels for chic, or pair on with brogues to go full on menswear. You can never go wrong.

The Button down white shirt


White shirts are versatile. It cannot be overemphasized. It’s also a menswear staple that’s hot on ladies. Add a chunky jewellery to give your outfit an oomph.

Menswear is high fashion, be sure to have fun with it.



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