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Dose of style: The causal girl’s guide to dressing for the office


Today’s work outfits inspiration theme was inspired by a new colleague of mine, who has a super easy style and is finding it difficult adapting to a corporate system of dressing, mind you, our office style isn’t very austere so you can imagine how casual her style is. Tpday we’ll cater to the casual girl, as she builds a proper work wardrobe, we will highlight how she can put those pieces to good use.




They key is to wear one structured piece. A blazer, a pair of structured pants, heels and pumps elevate the look, but flat covered could do. With a nice purse, you’re set.




If you’re a casual girl, you should have one or two shift dresses for obvious reasons and what makes a dress is the styling. Hence is you just add a pair of pumps or flats if you don’t wear heels, keep your hair minimal, and you’re good to go.




I hope I’m not reaching but a pair of shorts and a blazer aren’t a bad choice. It’s all in the presentation. Make sure the shorts aren’t too short, knee length is just fine. Then pair up with a structured blazer. You could wear a tee shirt of match with a shirt. See another example.





Prints are just as appropriate as any other item in your wardrobe. Nothing structured here, the off shoulder blouse, tucked in looks fantastic with the print flared hem skirt. Tuck in you regular blouse with a fun skirt and match up with great shoes. Keep hair and makeup minimal.



Don’t do away with you tees. They always come in handy. Tuck in your tee shirts into a cool pencil skirt, for some added oomph please do heels. Wrap a print scarf around your hair, it’s Friday, no one will judge you.

If you are a casual girl, your options are far from limited. The key is to pair up with heeled pups and shoes. Also one structured piece could make a difference.

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