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Drinkers Beware: That Bottle of “33” Export Lager Beer May Be Dangerous to your Health


The increase in pandemic, flooding the country is indeed worrying, with the frightening cases of Lassa Fever and Cholera, that killed 51 people earlier this year. The most recent of these epidermic that has people living in a state of fear, is the Monkey Pox.

The government has been unrelenting, in its efforts to curtail the spread of these diseases, by ensuring there is immunization and proper treatment, they have also taken their efforts further, by creating awareness and campaigning for cleanliness.

While we do these things, to ensure the safety of our health, we sometimes do not pay attention to consumables from recognized brands. Case in point, is an unopened bottle of “33” Export Lager beer, which recent discovery, show is contaminated and drinking from it, is just as harmful as eating from the refuse bin.

For Adetutu,there is nothing safer than a chilled bottle of “33” Export Lager Beer, however that assertion will be quashed, when she was poisoned by her favorite brand of beer. She had purchased three bottles and had consumed 2 out of the three bottles, refrigerating the last. According to her, she suffered a very bad case of diarrhea that night.

The morning after, she visited her doctor, who after examining her and conducting the necessary tests, concluded that she was suffering a severe case of food poisoning. After getting treated, she is left perplexed at what she may have consumed to warrant food poisoning, as she is not a careless eater.

Days after completing her medication for food poisoning , she decided to drink the last bottle of the “33” Export Lager beer left in the fridge. Taking the bottle out, she saw some particles in the unopened drink.

On closer inspection, she realized that the particles trapped in the bottle looked like the excreta of cockroaches, which is seen, swimming in the unopened bottle, when it is held in the light.

Confused, she confronted the vendor she had purchased from, accusing him of selling her adulterated beer. Imagine her surprise when she learned that the contaminated lager was supplied by none other than the main distributor of Nigerian Breweries Plc, manufacturers of “33” Export Lager Beer.

In light of these revelations, she realized that the consumed “33” Export Lager Beer was the reason for her case of food poisoning

Like Adetutu, many Nigerians trust that organizations like Nigerian Brewries Plc, makers of the contaminated beer, would ensure quality control, before churning out products.

Alas! that is not to be,  as seen in Adetutu’s experience. Therefore all products from the company, must be on the radar of agencies  who are unrelenting in their fight against diseases, caused by insect and rodents who spread them.


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