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Drunk In love? 5 Real Reasons Why You Need To Keep Your Relationship Private!


Lovey-dovey couples splashing mushy photos, bragging about their seemingly perfect relationship every single chance they get? Totally relatable! And of course, we’ve got addictive apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat to thank. Long gone are the days when there was lots of privacy and relationships were kept safe from prying eyes and mean souls, now social media has become our very own personal diary which houses all our precious memories, awesome moments, bitter fights and humiliation! Oversharing has now become the norm but is it ideal? Five reasons why you most definitely need to maintain some privacy in your relationship (P.S- no one’s saying you should totally keep your relationship secret, just don’t go splashing it every single minute! You never know whose watching). Five reasons;


1. You open yourself up to the opinions of others


Putting your relationship out there makes you and your partner susceptible to criticism and hurt; it brings haters into your relationship and that can be quite damaging – not everyone’s going to always be rooting for you guys. Flaunting your relationship on social media gives your haters and critics leverage to prey on your significant other. They go through their photos, assessing the life out of them, looking for their imperfections or basically something bad to say about them and when they do, they have no qualms splashing it on the comment section which might affect the way you see them. The less people know, the less info they have to use against you.

2. It sort of invites your ex’s into your new relationship


Disclosing too much can leave you vulnerable to your ex, especially if they didn’t handle the breakup really well. Rubbing your relationship in your bitter ex’s face can give them the opportunity to ruin what you’ve got going, if they desperately want to hurt you.  Things can get real messy with a scorned ex, particularly if they feel like you’re trying to let them know you’re doing way better; them contacting your ex or even going to the extreme to harm either of you… It’s best to keep it in the moderacy zone.

3. Soaking up false approval


Sometimes couples tend to feed on attention and approval from others rather than invest in genuine bond and happiness in their relationship, this is dangerous. You shouldn’t feel obligated to feed the world with loved up pictures of both of you if you don’t feel like. Ensure your motivations are pure. Social media viewers will always yearn for more; but while it’s great to see pictures of you both painting the world red with your love, you’ve got make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons not because you know they’ll be super impressed.

4. Breaking up is easier


So there you were, drunk in love and shouting it for the world to see and hear, they were great moments no doubt, one which you excitedly shared with social media viewers, forgetting the relationship was just between both of you. Now it has all come crumbling down and the oohs and aahs have been brutally replaced mockery and perhaps on the milder side, interrogation – everyone would want an explanation why your relationship didn’t head for the altar, after all you both looked perfect together. However, if you had maintained a little caution there would have been less stress and obligation – less explaining to do.

5. You put too much pressure on your relationship


Sharing every facet of your relationship on social media puts it on a pedestal, it puts unnecessary pressure on the relationship; lots of expectations and all. Trying to live up to them can not only be frustrating, it also makes it easier to lose sight of what is really important in the relationship. A relationship is a growth process, you both are imperfect and that’s pretty normal, but once you key into putting your relationship out there for the world to behold and criticise, it can weigh both of you down, which isn’t what you want.

Each time you’re tempted to put it all out there, remember caution is key!

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