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Dubai is Like a Second Home – Chief (Mrs) Joko Oni


The wealthy socialite, goldpreneur and successful business woman Chief Mrs Jokotade Oni, has been away from the social scene for sometime now. Leaving fans and admirers wondering at her absence in high society events. Happenings is here to satisfy this curiosity and give you answers, as we caught up with the wealthy socialite.

In our conversation with Madam Joko, she revealed to us that these days, she spends most of her time shuffling between Nigeria and Dubai. According to her, after Nigeria, Dubai is her second home.

Her love for Dubai is not restricted to just the beauty and vibrancy of the city, but she has a church set up in Dubai and that has her traveling more frequently, to attend to her flock.

However her frequent travelling does not put a dent on her family life, philanthropy, social life and her business empire.

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