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E! pulls the plug on “The Soup”!


A lot of tv shows survive on viewership ratings and sadly, E! announced Wednesday that it is pulling the plug on the reality show – The Soup.

Hosted by Joel McHale for 12 years, the pop culture comedy series has been a staple on E! for more than two decades.

The show which has had a small but loyal following for 21 seasons, will ladle out its last serving of droll Kardashian-bashing on December 18.

Despite the popularity of Millennial-friendly host Joel McHale (who co-starred on the critically-adored Community for much of his tenure on The Soup), the show’s ratings had been in steady decline, as the Internet began to offer countless options for reality-based snark.
“The Soup has delivered countless laughs and unforgettable episodes, and we are grateful to the talented team’s fearless wit and clever approach week after week,” said E! exec Jeff Olde in a statement.

“Joel took the show to new heights for more than a decade, and his irreverent humor and unique brand of comedy as captured so perfectly on The Soup will be missed.”


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