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My Most Embarrassing Moment – Madam Kofo


By Isaac Oguntoye


Veteran Nollywood actress, Abiola Atanda, better known as ‘Madam Kofo’ needs little or no introduction in the make-believe industry as her unique trademark ‘ceiling fan’ head gear stands her out in any event she attends. In a brief chat recently, the veteran actress shared an encounter she had with the late President Yar’dua when the former president failed to acknowledge her presence as Madam Kofo just because she was not putting on her usual head gear.

According to her, she said “My most embarrassing moment on this job was when the late President Yar’dua refused to talk to me in Abuja. On that faithful day, we were meant to meet with the President at Aso Rock and I decided since it’s an evening thing and not a formal meeting, to wear something casual without my usual head gear. While in the meeting, I was introduced to the late President as Madam Kofo and the president said “No! This can’t be madam Kofo because madam kofo doesn’t appear this way”. He refused to greet me. I felt embarrassed, immediately I went back to my hotel to dress in my usual regale.


As soon as I stepped into the hall again, he was the first person to smile at me saying “Yes! This is the real Madam Kofo”. Prior to that, I make sure anywhere I’m going, I always have my headdress in my bag in case anyone doubts my personality”  the notable actress divulged.

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