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Emmanuel Aibanggbee: The 12-Year-Old Boy Chained and Maltreated by Parents


Happenings, was contacted by a source, as we learn of the plight of 12-year-old Emmanuel Aibanggee, who is beaten, chained and locked up like an animal. His, is a very sad case of neglect and child abuse, as he is given no food or water and have stayed locked up in a cage for as long as 3 months.


Our source, who is a resident of Army Engineer barracks, Faringada in Plateau State , tells us that Emmanuel was accused by his biological father Pastor Charles Aibanggee and his step mother of witchcraft, after the turkeys in the poultry started dying.

According to reports,Emmanuel and his older brother were brought from the village to live in the city with their father and his wife, who mistreated them regularly. By beating them with hammers, sticks and any instrument that will inflict maximum physical damage,.  This callous treatments of the boys continued, until Pastor Charles, sent the oldest son back to the village, after his wife expressed her hatred for his sons.

After being separated from his older brother, Emmanuel was locked in a toilet without food and water for 3 months and was forbidden from talking to neighbours or anyone that could help him.

When asked what measures have been taken to rescue this young child, who is being brutalized by his parents, our source told us of the efforts by a kind neighbour to report the matter to the appropriate authorities and the local government, who have done nothing to intervene.



Credit: Tega Williams Uwagho 

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  1. If the story is true, shouldn’t Happenings Media intimate the appropriate authorities about the situation for the young boy’s life?

    Or is HM only interested in page views?


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