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Emotional Infidelity: 4 Ways To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship


Perfectly harmless dates, picking up the phone every second to share your every thought and feelings, dishing out private details about your relationship with this person who totally gets you… that’s how the pattern begins, most times emotional affairs start out as pretty innocent and harmless that you don’t even know when you cross the line. Slowly it creeps on you, you feel like they get you like no one else, they make you feel desired and understood, so you just want to spend your entire life talking to this person, pretty harmless right? after all sex isn’t involved, wrong! Emotional infidelity is about a bond, intimacy with another apart from your partner, this is often regarded as far worse than physical affairs. Trust is shattered as the receiving partner feels betrayed and tends to worry about recurrence. Although it can be real difficult to deal with, fact is emotional infidelity can be recovered from depending on the willingness of both partners to work things out. 4 tips to help rebuild trust when an emotional affair happens;


1. Communication


Communication is key in any relationship; your thoughts and feelings shouldn’t be kept hidden. Emotional infidelity stems from gap in communication and when you’re trying to recover, it’s best you bring your partner close so as to prevent a recurrence. Surviving an emotional affair requires communication, both partners need to clarify and understand why it happened so they can work on those issues. During this process, the gap is bridged and things desired which were found lacking, would be brought to fore so both parties can adjust and move forward.

2. Commitment


Every successful relationship has to do with commitment from both parties, in this case however, a scar has been left following a break from the stray party emotionally, but it can heal. First step is acknowledgement, the said party has to admit and accept their wrong doing, then put in everything they’ve got to make the relationship work and that goes for both parties involved – total commitment is key. Relationship is hard work and you’ve got to commit to make things work so you can save your relationship. If you want your relationship to heal, you’ve just got to head right in with your all.

3. Forgive


Yes you’ve been hurt, your trust betrayed and your heart shattered in pieces but somehow you just don’t want to throw in the towel, you obviously love this person who has hurt you, it’s painful there’s no denying, but you just have to let it go if you want your relationship to recover. Fact is you can’t undo the past, the harm has already been done, so if you truly want to move forward you’ve got to drop that grudge and forgive, especially when they’ve apologised. Focus on the now and try to make your relationship work once more. Another piece of advice,  don’t go bringing up the past every chance you get, it would only do more harm and you don’t want that.

4. Give your partner space


You taken your partner’s trust for granted so of course, it’s pretty normal they get angry and hurt and yes, they have every right to feel that way. You’ve got to understand that recovering from an emotional affair would take time, give them space. Trust has been broken and truth be told, that takes time to rebuild, so give your partner time to recover, don’t go choking them, give them time to heal.

In essence, being emotionally attached to someone isn’t something that just happens; although it can be refreshing to talk, have fun  and just be friends with someone else apart from your partner who totally gets you, extra caution is advised so you don’t spill to the other side emotionally, toying with your partner’s emotions in the process.

Stay safe!

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