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The Enduring Trend of Social Media Begging


Social media is a lasting fruit of technology, with millions around the world, being a part of this real time virtual experience. Thus, the numerous benefits of social media cannot be overemphasized, as people have an opportunity to visit places they have never seen from the comfort of their homes, to also interacting with people from different countries and cultures.

Social media also extends its benefits to the commercial space, as businesses have a much wider reach, undeniably social media has changed our way of life.

As we move more from the physical space into the virtual, trends are being transported as well. One of such trends, is social media begging. People no longer beg or ask favours from family, friends or people they are familiar with, the internet provides them a wider reach of people, they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.

Thanks to social media, the worrisome trend of begging is given a new dimension, with an internet compliant phone, an individual can message anyone at anytime, begging for alms. Those who are constantly plagued by this trend of social media begging are celebrities or people of means, as they are bombarded with messages from virtual strangers, with fictitious afflictions.

It is quite sad that there are some individuals who ridicule the afflictions of real people, in their bid to finesse and extort the unsuspecting public, making it difficult for those who actually need help, to get help. Oftentimes these celebrities are crucified when they refuse to be extorted, the sense of entitlement from these social media beggars is indeed galling.

Our celebrities have been quite verbal about this alarming trend of social media begging, with Eniola Badmus being the latest. On her snap chat story, she posts:

“Why do they beg so much 4 money on Instagram? Is that the new yahoo yahoo? Wake up & blast random people all sorts of msg like liver problem, school fees, grandma dying, wife left with everything, Aunty in my village doing me I need money for voodoo.”

Actress Sotayo Ogaga, also has a thing to say about social media beggars who extort money from people, under the pretext of being students: “Am I the only one who think schools worldwide are tryna expel students that haven’t paid their fees? What exactly is happening? God please help us all. And you scammers (una wehdone too) Wont say more…

Hushpuppi is not left out in his disdain for social media beggars when he says on his social media “‘Good morning everyone except internet beggars”.

This growing trend of extorting people on social media by begging has to stop, it is worrying.




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  1. It is quite unfortunate that people are bereft of any form of dignity. People no longer want to feel ashamed but rather feel good about lazying about. They fail to realise that everyone has problems, they fail to believe that living life on the fast-lane takes a lot of hard work and without hard work, one is prone to an early crash. They don’t want to realise that to manage their resources well, they must spend a lot of time and energy acquiring these resources gradually; one step at a time. Most times, these people aren’t even interested in learning how to make ends meet let alone listen to words of advice.

    It is also very unfortunate that at the end the stories are fictitious and are quickly discovered as lies even before they are told, even when there is an iota of truth in them, you readily discover the ulterior motives behind the request. It is these kind of experiences that turn good people bad.

    It is so unfortunate that the society is filled with lies and deceit. It is so unfortunate that to some, unnecessary begging is the order of the day. It is so unfortunate that those who really need a helping hand may now find it difficult to receive it. It is very unfortunate that people now make bad use of good resources.


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