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Expecting? 8 Foods You Should Absolutely Scarp From Your Diet!


Being a first time mum can be really challenging and of course many thanks to the “wealth” of knowledge out there, things aren’t any easier. However if there’s one thing every expectant mum knows – certain foods ought to be avoided during pregnancy to protect their unborn baby. Over the years a lot of controversies have arisen as to the accepted types of food safe for consumption during this delicate period so as not to put your expected little one at risk. Just in case you’re still unsure about the foods to cut out from your diet, these 8 should not even be contemplated, remember now more than ever it is important to maintain a healthy diet:

Raw Or Undercooked Eggs- A big no no; if you don’t want to contact a bacteria causing food poisoning that is


Undercooked Meat & Poultry – It can in simple terms make you ill or worse, harm your baby. Totally not worth the risk.

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Unpasteurized Dairy Products: unpasteurized milk, cheese, yogurt can lead to severe food poisoning, better safe than sorry.


Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables: Who does that! First of all eating unwashed fruits and veggies is totally unhealthy let alone during pregnancy. You could ingest harmful pesticides which can cause damage to the fetus. Scary huh? Don’t be lazy, get those hands busy and wash. A few minutes won’t kill you.


Excessive Caffeine-Related Products: Talk about stillbirths, fetal deaths or spontaneous abortions, scary right? Consuming excess caffeine is never good for any one but for an expectant mother it can pose a serious threat.


Herbal Teas And Supplements: Yes! Weight loss teas are at your every turn, careful though some herbs can do more harm than good during pregnancy. Knowledge is power.


Canned Foods: Canned foods are totally not recommended and healthy for an expectant mum because most often than not they’re packed and stored for longer period of time.


Alcohol: Never give in to this temptation. It is strongly advised against. Alcohol during pregnacnyy has been shown to cause harm to the baby as it grows in the womb, but it doesn’t just stop there, it can also lead to long-term medical problems/ birth defects. God doesn’t need to be bothered about certain things; take care of you and he’ll do the rest. Simple. lol


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