Home News Exxon Mobil staff accused of raping 14-year-old girl labels allegations untrue

Exxon Mobil staff accused of raping 14-year-old girl labels allegations untrue


Recall an ExxonMobil engineer named James Ikenna Onuoha who made rounds recently for raping a fourteen year old? Well he was arrested and has released a statement in his defence.

Onuoha was remanded in Kirikiri Prisons for allegedly raping the 14-year-old niece of his tenant, Chidera Igwe. The suspect was arrested by the Ajah Police Division on Wednesday after he had allegedly raped his tenant’s 14-year old niece and given her N1000 to console her

The defendant was placed in custody till February 23 but was also granted bail in the sum of N2 million and a provision of two willing sureties that could stand in for him. According to OnoBello.com, the accused engineer has finally spoken up on the allegations and he claims they are false

Read his statement below:

“On Monday January 12, 2016 a story went viral on the social media alleging that I molested a 14 year old girl and evaded arrest by the police. I want to categorically state that nothing of such happened.

I would also like to state upfront that I am a responsible family man, I have never had any police case before and I live in a large community with children and nobody has ever laid any complaints against me. I have many tenants and none of them has made any complaint against me.


I got to find out about the alleged molestation case on the afternoon of Wednesday January 6, 2016 through a colleague in my office who informed me that a group Human Rights Watch submitted a petition to my Employer that I molested a minor on Monday January 4, 2016.

That same afternoon of Wednesday January 6, I got a call from the Human Rights Watch requesting a meeting with me the following day Thursday January 8, 2016. They later sent me a text message in the evening to cancel the meeting.

I visited my Tenant on Monday January 4, 2016 to collect my 2 years house rent (2013 – 2015) that he owed me. I met his absence with his wife. My tenant is a dishonest and dubious person who has failed many times in his promises. I went round his apartment to confirm he was not hiding with the help of a 16-year-old girl that identified herself as my Tenant’s sister. I have visited the above mentioned property with other tenants at least once every quarter for the past five years without any complaints of child molestation against me.

On Thursday January 7, 2016 around 3 pm I got a call from the Police at Langbasa Station Ajah inviting me for questions on the allegation against me. I agreed with the Police Inspector to come to Langbasa Police Station 9 AM on Friday January 8, 2016. The Police Inspector threatened to submit a letter to my office that could lead to my dismissal from work if I did not show up.

On Friday January 8, 2016 morning the Police Inspector called me again and made the same threat in the presence of my Lawyer. I felt she was already biased against me without even hearing from me and I requested my case file to be moved from the Langbasa Police Station to Zone 2 Station that I believe is neutral ground to state my case. I was at Zone 2 Police Station the whole of that Friday trying to forward my petition.

On Monday January 11, 2016 morning the same Police Inspector from Langbasa Station submitted her preliminary report to my Employer and requested that I should report to Langbasa Station. My case file as eventually transferred to Zone 2 Police Station in the afternoon and I was invited to make statement 11 am Tuesday January 12, 2016 which I have already honored. I would like to note that my Tenant was also invited to Zone 2 Police Station that same yesterday and he did not show up.

The intent of this campaign of blackmail and calumny against my person in the Social media I cannot say for now but I will allow the Police to conduct its investigation. I am available to submit myself to any credible process to prove my innocence. Thank you.”

Story Source: OnoBello.com

Image Source: www.pioneeronair.com

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