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No Retreat No Surrender: Exxon Mobil Personnel Lay Siege to Premises with Juju


In a move, many would call ‘No Retreat No Surrender’, security personnel of Exxon Mobil camped at the company premises.

Hostilities have increased, to the point that African Juju fortifies the blockade. The security personnel of ExxonMobil resorted to these extreme measures, to have their entitlements paid.

Taking a walk to the company headquarters in Victoria Island Lagos finds its premises in rather squalid conditions.

In a conversation with Happenings, the embattled men said that ExxonMobil has refused to comply with the supreme court judgement. As these disgruntled staff demand justice, ExxonMobil is adamant in its unlawful treatment of these Nigerian staff.

The ongoing conflict, began 18 years ago when the company attempted to transfer its security workers, to the Nigerian Police. Consequently this unlawful attempt to dump staff it had employed at different times, was met with protest.

The case has been in the Nigerian court system and, the Supreme court judgement ruled in favour of the staff.

The aggrieved staff in retaliation have camped in front of Exxon Mobil premises, since the 13th of July 2018. Awaiting the supreme court which has been in a recess to uphold its judgement.

Thus, it is the hope of these aggrieved staff that ExxonMobil complies with the Supreme court judgement and pay them.

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