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#EzinneAsks: How seriously should we take fashion?


I was at the beauty Africa exhibition conference at Eko hotel on Friday and I took time out to ask some guests present how they saw fashion. Just recently, we had a debate in my office as to how seriously we should take fashion- whether as your personal style or as a business. There is no doubt that the fashion industry is a booming market today, but with the rise in designers, trends and fashion consciousness, it begs the question- How seriously should we take our fashion? Here are a few opinions of some of the guests at the event.



Everyone is becoming a fashionista now oh, everyone wants to look good and looking good is good business so yes I think fashion should be taken very seriously.



Fashion is a personal, and no matter what you are beautiful, but even though there are more important things to think of, fashion is one of them.


Rasheeda OTS beauty

Yes a 100% Because as someone coming from a business management background moving into the makeup artistry, people turn their noses down, but it’s an industry where you can make money, it has created jobs for a lot of people and as a mother, I work around my children so definitely it should be taken seriously.

LR Purple lady and Bisola

Lady in purple

I am a nurse, so no I don’t think you should take fashion seriously. Now your health, that should be taken seriously but fashion shouldn’t. It’s not that important.


I like fashion, but your health should be most important, but if you’re not comparing the two,  then yes oh, I take my fashion very seriously and people who are fashion inclined should be encouraged to, especially if they’re very good at it.


We can’t force people to take fashion seriously, but you should encourage people to, because even if there’re more pressing people in the world, people who dress well tend to have more confidence,so yeah I’m team dress well.


Faith History

There’s nothing better than thinking of what to wear, unless you’re planning on living in a nudist colony. It’s important to think of what to wear and  looking good. It’s very important.


I will round it off by saying, not everyone is interested in fashion, and I don’t say this because I love fashion, but I believe that if someone loves fashion, they should be encouraged to take it seriously. Whether it’s your personal style or as a career, it’s high time we took fashion and fashionistas more seriously than we normally do, it’s a booming industry now, and people are making a lot of money off it so why not? What do you think?

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