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#EzinneFinds: Back to school- Make up products you can purchase with #10,000


As the summer holidays finally come to a close and students are revving up to head back to their various universities #EzinneFinds was on a mission to find affordable back to school staples young female students on a budget, would need. I stopped by Casabella makeup store in the palms on my way home from work and found makeup products for your basic daily make up needs that will cost you at least 10 thousand naira. Here’s what I found.


Maybelline colossal kajal for your inner water line and your upper lids only cost 850 naira in the store. Whether your having a full makeup application or just a simple day out. Kajal liner keeps your eyes looking sharp everyday.


Mary Kay foundation goes for 2700 naira in the store. Don’t look at me like that, quality is everything. We all know you can get them for way less in balogun market, but remember that acne and breakouts cost a lot more. Think quality, buy original make up products.



Zaron mattifying powder costs only 2950 naira. We need our faces well powdered to keep it looking less oily as your day goes on and we know every girl needs powder and this is quite affordable.


Their moisturising lipstick is 1600 naira. In the words of Donatella Versace “A woman’s best accesory is her lipstick, she should never be found without it” or something like that. LOL


This Tara three in one eye shadow goes for 1700 naira only, and they come in different shades and combinations. How’s our purse doing? I’m sure we still have some change left.


Finally we all know your eyebrows are an important fleek requirement. This Tara bad boy here goes for just 700 naira. This pencil is just the right shade and texture for your brows.

Now let’s see how much we spent: 850+2700+2950+1700+1600+700=10,500.

We didn’t do so badly.

What do you think we missed?

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