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Family and Fun: How did you spend Children’s Day?


By Happenings

It’s the day to celebrate children! Yay! What did you get up to? We went around town to see how families celebrated May 27.

Mariam Dauda Longe
I was at the Junior Taekwondo Championship Tournament with my son, at the National Stadium. I couldn’t keep still. I was so excited as I told my son to “take the other little boy out”. I had to apologise to the boy’s mother later. LOL! We had a lot of fun.

Levetical Agbonifo David 
We were at the Children’s Day Funfair organized by Playzone, Dano milk and other brands. It was happening at Ikeja City Mall. With the pictures, you can tell the kids had a lot of fun. Happy Children’s day to all Nigerian children. May your days be brighter!

Chichi Eriobu
Was at Ajegunle to celebrate with not-so-fortunate children. A brother of mine launched a school for children in certain parts of Ajegunle. I cried my eyes out. I saw first grade poverty. A place where children sleep day and night without food. Celebrating the Nigerian child should mean something. It should mean that every child must have three square meals, education, shelter and food. If we cant provide these things, then what are we celebrating?

Bibi Ukonu
I was actually working today, but they kept calling me until my spirit left me and joined them. I just had to be there! LOL! I spent sometime with them, then went back to the office. They changed clothes and went for another event. LOL!

Ndidi Ejoh
We were at Dreamworld Africana and it was lit! My son had a lot of fun!



Loveth Austin Okoli
Children’s Day was beautiful. We attended a party at Ikedife City Centre in Nnewi. The children danced and danced!

Cynthia Chilaka Onyegbado
I was at the children’s gathering sponsored by Indomie, Fayrouz, and Etisalat. It was at Magic Garden, Enugu. There were many games and trivia for the kids to enjoy.

Telema Tonye Batubo
It was the Children’s Day Costume Party. The theme was: Living Diversity. There were so many games and plenty to eat. As you can see from the pictures, the children had a good time. Happy Children’s Dy to the future leaders of our country.



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  1. The pictures are beautiful. One can tell the children had a lot of fun.
    However, I am concerned about the Nigerian child who lacks food. What does children’s day mean to her/him? It is insufficient to mark a day as children’s day without serious efforts to
    nurture their enthusiasm to dream big.
    The hope for a better Nigeria is contingent on providing opportunities for every Nigerian child to actualize their aspirations.

    I don’t intend to turn a should be -fun article to a gloomy one. But Chichi ‘ s pictures are a poignant reminder of the pain amidst the seeming happiness.

  2. Very true, Nneka. It is disheartening. Nigerian children deserve more. A good day to celebrate, but also a time to reflect.


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