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Watch this 12 year old Cassava Hawker…


The look of defeat on the face of one so young tears at the heart – Precious, a  12 year old a cassava seller, who hawks come rain or shine in Orile Agege LGA, has us questioning our failure as a people to protect innocence. According to the young child, she was brought with her older sister from Anambra State, about a year ago, by an aunt who had promised  to care for them.


Regretfully, this aunt fails in her responsibilities as a guardian to care for her ward(s). The unfairness of it is not lost on us when we discover that she has her own children safely cocooned  in school and protected from the harsh realities, she exposes her niece(s) to, as Precious’ older sister doesn’t fare any better, because she sits in a market a stall all day selling.

This video glaringly exposes an inconvenient truth, that we must protect innocence at whatever cost and not abuse it. Adults must never use children as ladders out of their own financial travails.


The scourge of child hawking, is vividly captured by Mercy Osuya for Happenings TV, in this video.


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