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What would you do, if you Find out your Intended is Your Sibling, Days to your Wedding?


Weddings are beautiful things, and in Nigeria, we are so invested in the idea of marriage, the fanfare, colours and glitz, we are regaled with tales of couples who go hungry after the wedding, all to fulfill the desire to have the wedding of their dreams.

Enviably the wedding industry in Nigeria, rakes in billions, almost as much as the oil and gas industry, amidst all of these sacrifices,financial and emotional commitments involved in planning and executing a wedding, with so much at stake, what would you do, if you find out your intended is a sibling, days to your wedding. Happenings organised a voxpop, with an intention of documenting the reactions of several people, when asked this question – the reactions were hilarious.

Elliot 30 (Actor, Writer and TV host): The wedding will never take place, I will feel terrible that all of that effort put into planning, will go to waste.

JBX (Film maker): Wow! I will be distraught and will call family members, if there is away to get around the situation, if there is, will go ahead and marry her. If there isn’t, will call off the wedding but I will feel terrible. I will be mad that a woman, I have grown to love is related to me and all the wedding effort wasted, but I will let it go.

David ( Graphics Designer):  That is unlikely to happen to me, I won’t be so stupid to date someone for that long and not find out. I am a researcher and will do my research.

Kayode Emmanuel ( Fashion Designer): No o! Haa! I cant marry my sister o! we are calling that wedding off, no ‘if’ or ‘but’. Before going that far, I would have known in my spirit, blood is thicker than water.

Tolu 22 (Student): Haa!  I wouldn’t know what to do, I will be speechless, like what! My world will come crumbling. I wouldn’t want to let him go.  I will be torn between letting him go to please the family and not giving up on my love. To be honest I wouldn’t know what to do.

John Agoha 35 ( Gospel singer/ Song writer): I will cry like a baby, especially if I have fallen so deep in love with her, I am not even ashamed to admit that I will cry. I will ask God why.


Iyke 32 (Telecommunications Consultant): I don’t think that can happen to me. I will do my findings, so will my family members. Before it gets to that stage of going too far in planning a wedding, I know who my partner is, in and out.

Justin 37 ( Film Director): You could have asked me this 12 years ago, because I got married 11 years ago. To answer your question hypothetically, I am aware of the medical implications of marrying a blood relative, so I will call off the wedding, although it would hurt me. I will also let her see reason why a union between us, is not a good idea.

Velar 20 (Brand Communicator):  I don’t understand, my fiance days to our wedding is my brother? Are you kidding me? I don’t know what to say right now… Are you serious? I really am unable to wrap my head around this right now. For sure I will go crazy. I would be in shock, obviously the family members wont let that wedding go on. I would have gone ahead, but the blood ties, is a no no. Thus I will go with my family’s decision.

Annabelle Chioma Mbonu 27 (Actress, DJ and Entrepreneur): Oh my goodness! this is a tough one,Jesus Christ, I don’t even want to imagine it, If it happens, questions that will keep going through my head is God why me? why does this have to happen to me? It wont be easy letting him go and just calling off the wedding, it isn’t easy letting go of the love of your life. I don’t even want to figure it out but that situation will not be funny, to find out that who I am about tying the knot with is my sibling. It will take the whole village to come together and intervene in the matter. I would have nothing to say at that point.

Pascal 42 ( Real Estate Developer): There is nothing I will do, I will go ahead and marry her, the date has been fixed already, what do you want me to do? Turn that down? I go ahead wed her and move on.

Victoria 32 (Consultant): It would hurt but I will call off the wedding, I will not be a party to incest. I will break up with  him and move on with my life.

R-L Victoria and Pascal

Caleb 29 ( IT Consultant): I will call off the wedding immediately, I can’t  imagine  marrying my sister, we would have to come to an understanding on how impossible, it is to stay as a couple, when we are related by blood.

FX 20 (Singer and rapper): Wow! this is too shocking. I am canceling the wedding immediately. I  can’t imagine getting married to my sister.

Jessy 30 ( Motivational speaker): Traditionally, I will stop it, because it is the right thing to do. However I will expect that before the relationship blossoms to the level of marriage, I would have done a research on her.

Tash (Movie Producer) : oh no! I will be heart broken, anything is possible, I have heard stories, where people after dating and having sex, discover they are related by blood. It is quite shocking, for me, I will definitely call of the wedding, it is incest and abnormal to be in a conjugal or marital relationship with a sibling.

Tony 36 (Banker) : I will still go on with the wedding, if my family members, try to stand against the union, I will elope with her. There is nothing more to be done, we have had sex and become intimate, what is more. Besides there are several parts of the world, where marrying a sibling isn’t a taboo.

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  1. A Sibling? I will question my luck and find the best way to talk to her about it… We’ll reach a consensus and it’ll be the right thing to do… But for now, there’s no underestimating the power of love in a relationship especially with all the time and energy that’d been invested into it… It won’t be a happy development tho but our minds will meet.


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