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Five Most Common Causes of  Vagina Itching 

Ilori Titilayo
The vagina is a very delicate organ, when there’s trouble down there,there’s trouble everywhere because you won’t be able to function properly.
Having an itchy vagina is the worst thing ever, It could be for a whole bunch of reasons, here are few reasons that could cause vagina itching.


Shaving can cause your vagina to itch so you don’t want to do this too often. Of course for the sake of hygiene you must strike a balance so pay attention to what’s going on and adjust accordingly.

Vaginal hygiene Products

Douches and feminine wipes can actually do more harm than good. We get that the natural vagina smell might seem a little funky to you but it’s best not overdo it with the scenting and perfuming

Bacterial Vaginosis

This happens when the balance between the good and bad bacteria in the vagina is messed up and the bad ones become more than the good ones. Adding some pro biotics  e.g yoghurt to your diet can help prevent this

Yeast Infection

This is one of the most common causes of vaginal itching. It’s also known as Candida Yeast infections are usually caused by excess moisture which encourages the growth of fungi so you want to keep things as nice and dry as possible down there.

Household products

Detergents and bleach used to wash underwear and bed sheets are among household products that can make the vagina itch.

The vagina is sensitive so you want to avoid exposing it to chemicals as much as possible.

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