Home Entertainment FolaAsks: Would you lie to make the one you love happy?

FolaAsks: Would you lie to make the one you love happy?


Relationships should be based on honesty.  By being truthful and managing the inevitable conflicts that exist between two people, the outcome can create extraordinary relationships.

The question remains: Is it ever okay to lie to your partner?

I took time out to ask some of the guests at the Star Quest Lagos concert, 2015 edition.

 Susan Nwando


Everything hidden by lies always come out, and the results are not pleasant at all, but when your partner knows your every intention for a happy relationship than a little bit of spice might not be bad, but don’t go overboard. Always tell the truth and if you know you can make up for a little white lie than its okay too.

Nike Ajibade


Of course, we all lie to the people we love all the time just to put a smile on their face.

Desmond (Left)


Sometimes lies are okay and necessary in relationships. Lying always comes with some sort of consequence therefore weigh carefully before you do it. I weigh my chances and possible outcome before I make the decision to tell a white lie.

Isenose Kimberly


I will never lie to my man because once he finds out about the truth, I know he will never trust me again. Further more, in a true relationship you teach each other everything and no secret; no lies and no hesitation.

Joseph Ahachi


I always try my best not to lie in my relationships. The truth is one of the most important things we look for in a relationship is security. Security in a relationship means knowing what to expect from your partner. If you lie, you remove any foundation for trust or security in the relationship.

Tunji Bamgbowu


I am convinced most people want to be honest with their partner but as humans there are times our subconscious triggers the ‘white lie’ button just to make us look good or in a better position in our relationships.  However, the complex emotional attachments that exist between couples, combined with our individual tendencies toward self-deception, pretty much guarantees we will undermine our relationship with lies at different times.

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