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Former Shell Petroleum Staff Becomes New Baba Aladura of Cherubim & Seraphim


by Lanre Adesanya

Having completed the burial rites of the late Baba Aladura and Prelate of The Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim, Elder Dr.Lazarus Anuba Onyeleonu yesterday 27th August 2017, at the Church’s National Headquarters appointed Dr. David Dabaye Lanjose Bob-Manuel as the 9th new Prelate and Baba Aladura of the church.

The newly elected man of God, who was born on 12th March,1941 in Abonnema,Rivers State, joined the holy Order at Enugu in the year 1955 and rose through the ranks to become the Deputy Baba Aladura in 2013,the position he held till his new appointment as Baba Aladura/Prelate.

In the secular world, he had worked for 31 years at the management cadre with Shell Petroleum and Development Company, before his retirement in 2004. He is married to Prophetess Elsie Bob-Manuel and blessed with children all of whom are members of the ESOCS Church,the mother church of all Cherubim and Seraphim Churches.

The new Baba Aladura was appointed unanimously by the Church’s advisory board, Dr. David Bob-Manuel prior to his appointment was the Deputy Baba Aladura and had also held several administrative positions in the Church.

In times past, the new Baba Aladura had also served as a Provincial Secretary,Provincial Chairman,Central Management Council (CMC) Secretary and also as the Order’s Senior Apostle General/Secretary for ten years, this relates seamlessly with his competence for the new office having served three Baba Aladura as SAG meritoriously.

The new Baba Aladura would be officially inducted as Prelate at the Church’s headquarters between 7th-10th September 2017 at an elaborate ceremony which fuses with the 92nd anniversary of the Church.


Photo Credit: Bamigbala Adekola

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