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Four Types Of Guys You May end Up Dating At least Once In Your Lifetime 



Ilori Titilayo

Just as there are different fishes in the sea, so also we have different types of guys out there.

All men are NOT the same and we are not talking about looks alone, but personalities as well.

If you’re a single lady, am sure you’ve dated one or two of these types of guys we’ll be discussing below.

So let’s get down to business already!

The Relaxed

The relaxed just wants to wait to see how things will turn out. This type is the one that wants you to wait until his life is sorted out.

While his life is being sorted out, you are not a part of it until that phase is clear. The problem however is, he might be out of your league by then.

If he does not want you involved now, what makes you think he might change his mind? These types are good for a fling. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you won’t find it with this type. Move along.



The Cultivator

Regarded as the best, the cultivator will inspire you and want to see you do better. Cultivators are mature and confident.

Although, getting them to fall in love with you is another issue altogether. They are the ones who love you and appreciate your presence in their lives and are not ashamed to show it. And no, they’re not always sugar daddies. Some young men are cultivators too.

The Player

The players are the most popular of them all. No matter the form they come in, they are always  irresistible.

As far as they are concerned, it is all a game and will be treated as such. The player is charming and jovial. He will pretend to be deeply into you for as long as it’s fun for him, but once he spots another juicer version of you, he’s off in a flash and you’re left with a broken heart.


The Pleaser

As far as the pleaser is concerned, the word “no” does not exist in his dictionary. No matter how much you try to get him to have a conversation where you might need another opinion, his response is always, “Yes to whatever you say”.

More than that, he lets you make all the decisions. At first, you may feel empowered and in control, but in the long run, it can become tiring, mechanical and boring. How can he not be able to make decisions that can change the course of your lives?

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