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The Future of Technology in Nigeria is Now


The world is changing from the familiar, as technological advancement threatens what we as humans are used to. Even more, we are inundated by movies preaching doom, should technology take over all spheres of human life.

You can imagine that technological advancement is looked on by humans with suspicion. Techpoint partnering with Netcore, a leading marketing technology company, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for growth marketing, organized a tech conference, themed ‘Techpoint Inspired’, to educate young people on the benefits of embracing technological tools and advancements.

Accordingly, Technology is not to be looked at with skepticism, but embraced and learned. There is also the niggling fear that technology would also take over the labour market, leaving humans wasting away and unproductive. However humans can master these instruments of technology and use them to make life better. By thinking for these robots and commanding them, also mastering these technological tools.

Technology is spreading its tentacles in the sphere of Education, Agriculture, Economy, Health, Security, et cetera.

Clearly the future of technology in Nigeria is now.

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