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Why I gave my wife a car gift for her birthday- Chief Ajagungbade


Tunde Ogunmola

Most men eulogize their beloved wife, especially if she is precious and of such inestimable value to them. One of such men is Chief Shamsideen Ogunkoya Gbolahan, The ‘Ajagungbade’ of Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State, who on the 7th of December, 2017, celebrated his darling wife’s birthday in big way, with a car as gift (Toyota Venza) that wowed many. He explained in a very hilarious way why he chose to dazzle his wife with this wonder-on-wheel in this exclusive interview with TUNDE OGUNMOLA for Happenings.com.ng


Why did you throw such a big surprise birthday party for your wife?

The reason I celebrated my wife’s birthday is because I love my wife so much. I am always happy to have my wife and children in my life. My wife is like my mother. In 1999, when I was fully involved in political activities at the grassroots, moving from one place to another; that was about the time I met her. She told me then that if I truly wanted to marry her, I will have to drop some attitudes or behaviours. I thank God that I have done away with those behaviours.

Then we were seven boys living in the same room, but she said if I wanted to marry her, I must have my own apartment. When she came to visit me, I would not go out with my friends, and I would  be with her all day. It got to a stage that I didn’t eat outside, and no matter how hungry I might be, I must get home before I eat. Gradually my life began to change for the better. She stayed with me when I was living in a boys’ quarter, to a room apartment, to a room and parlour self-contain, till we found ourselves where we are today. The surprise birthday and the car I gave her, to me is small. On that day, it’s not too big to present her with keys of her own house. So that women will know that to weather the storm with men is better than to jump into the arms of a wealthy man, because all that glitters is not gold. But the mistake some ladies of these days make is that they go to marry rich men because of their wealth. Little do they know that the men can send them packing any time, because they did not start their lives together from scratch. But my wife was there for me when it was rough and tough. So whatever I do for her now is as a result of her patience, perseverance and endurance over the years.

How did you meet your wife?

We met at the naming ceremony of my friend in Apapa. Then a friend of mine just introduced her to me, at first, I did not have any interest in her. I was thinking that I was not ready for any responsibility then. We later got along by talking regularly. That was where and how we met and started our friendship, which later developed into a solid relationship, and before we knew it, we became husband and wife.

What can you say about your wife?

She is a caring woman. She doesn’t compare herself with anybody. She does not force me to do anything for her.

How did you take her to the birthday venue since it was a surprise birthday?

I only told her that I wanted to take her to the swimming pool to swim. I didn’t get dressed when I went home to pick her. We even used another person’s measurement, to get her shoes and cloth. Her friends, I must confess, assisted me in organizing the birthday party without her knowledge. At some point, she was suspicious may be I was having a secret conversation with another woman because when I was discussing with people organizing the party I made it a secret, she didn’t know who I was talking to. If I was talking and I realized that she was coming, I would stop .

What advice would you give women in general?

I will only advise them to be patient, endure and persevere with their husband, because nobody knows tomorrow. That doesn’t mean that at times, there won’t be misunderstanding between husband and wife. When it comes you should try to settle it. I do have a misunderstanding with my wife and we resolve it and move on with our life.

Lastly, if the opportunity comes, would you contest for a political position or are you thinking of quitting politics?

I can never quit politics. If I don’t get involved in politics I may fall sick; it is a part of me. Aside that, where I am today, is because of politics. Since 1999, I have been in the same party, from AD to AC to ACN and now APC. We started Independent Campaign Group, ICG, together.

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