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Genuine Move or Publicity Stunt: One Hit Music Star Kas Turns Pastor in the UK


Joke Onitolo

Kas the once seductive singing sensation and one hit wonder, is now a pastor in the UK, leaving fans confused if this move is genuine or a publicity stunt. As entertainers are known to push the boundaries of propriety for publicity.

Indeed it is difficult for his fans to reconcile the once flirtatious singer, with the gospel carrying man. The ‘Fi mi le’ crooner came into the limelight in 2010, after the song ‘fi mi le’ became a massive hit.

Interestingly the club banger is not his first attempt at stardom as a song he released earlier was a monumental flop, thus making ‘fi mi le’ his attempt at redemption.

However eight years since the success of ‘fi mi le’ he is yet to release another major hit, thus making him a one hit wonder. After staying away from the public eyes all the while, the singer recently announced his penitence on his Instagram account, while also letting us know that he would be Pastoring an online church, called Trinity Centre.

Therefore asking an important question, is his religious announcement genuine and has he really found God or this is an attempt to garner publicity for a new music he may be cooking up.

Only time will tell.

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