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Germany’s reunification chancellor,Helmut Kohl, dies aged 87


Helmut Kohl, the chancellor who presided over both German reunification and the creation of the eurozone, has died aged 87.

Kohl was a towering figure of European politics in the second half of the 20th century, serving as Germany’s chancellor for a record 16 years from from 1982 to 1998.

Kohl  had suffered from impaired speech and used a wheelchair after a fall in 2008.

Before becoming chancellor, Kohl had been the state premier for Rhineland-Palatinate for seven years, and was often mocked in Germany for his regional accent and fondness for a noted local delicacy, stuffed pig’s stomach.

Earlier this year, he was awarded €1m (£842,875) damages over an unauthorised biography that a judge said had “deeply violated” the former German chancellor’s personal rights.

Kohl acted as a mentor for Germany’s current chancellor, Angela Merkel, handing her her first ministerial post in 1991 and referring to her as his Mädchen or girl. But relations between the two soured when Merkel turned against him after a party funding scandal in 1999.

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