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Governor Wike and Wife share “Hot Kiss”: 13 Things Nigerians have got to say!


PDA? Totally awesome! What can be more romantic than a Nigerian public office holder and a Judge getting on some PDA action? Wife of Rivers state governor Nyesom-Wike, Eberechi  turned 44 on Tuesday May 24 and the lovely couple marked the occasion with an intimate birthday dinner at their residence. The highlight? An unexpected kiss! … lol


Of course, the picture has circulated online and as usual Nigerians have somethings to say:

“Sweet, but the woman should learn to free her hands next time not to make the kiss look too official.” ( kiss lecture 101)

“Is this a real kiss A kiss where she had the presence of mind to still hold her hands together? When you’re kissed passionately your hands either fall by your side or you involuntarily hold the person. If anyone needs a lesson contact me and my husband.” ( romance doctor… that moment when you know someone has had lots of experience in the kissing dept!) 

beso enredados

“Does anyone know if they still have sex? just curious” (amebo no fit hide) 

“Why the woman cum put hands like say na official kiss…. Meanwhile i think wike is doing more than that right now grin”  (so somebody can’t kiss in peace again abi?)

“End time kiss……” (didn’t get that)


“konji lacks regard” (when someone just wants to join the conversation by force)


“Official kiss” (grammar)

“Y she clench her 2 hands 2gether like dat?” (question??)

“There is time and place for everything” (somebody haf vex)


grin grin grin public display of affection isn’t a norm in Nigeria..I cringe so much while looking at this picture ..90% of Nigerian children have never seen their parent kiss before..it only happen once in a life time…” (y e dey pain you)

“Na him get him thing na.. How’s it anyone’s business..”  (Gbam!)

“Aww! So lovely.Some men will forget kissing their wives when they make it” (talk it jare)


“Na him get him wife nah, anything he like he do.” (simple)

Well, what do I think? 

  • It’s really beautiful to see this side of the governor
  • There isn’t any specified method of kissing (People are different)
  • If she went all out and wrapped her hands around the governor, people will still complain that she didn’t compose herself   #YouCan’tPleaseEveryone
  • gif
  • Free them joor!

Quote Source: nairaland




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