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Groom Arrests Father And Mother-Inlaws on Wedding Day


Akinyele Sokoya

A supposed day of joy for Mr&Mrs Haruna Abubakar, whose beautiful daughter is getting married later turned a day of sleeping in the police cell, as their supposed son in-law arrested them.

The incident happened at Suleja in Niger state on 6th May, 2018.

Happenings learnt that the groom, Shuiab Dauda has done all the rights on his wife, except paying the dowry of his wife, Fidaus, which his in-laws preffered he should pay on the wedding day.

The unexpected occurred, when after the wedding at night, the newly married wife disappeared into thin air without any trace.

When the groom told his in-laws and they could not locate her, he took a drastic step to arrest his in-laws with the police.

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