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Guatemala elects a new president- You won’t believe what he does for a living


Jimmy Morales was on Sunday, elected as the new Guatemalan president, the only thing unusual about this announcement is that Jimmy Morales is a comedian with no political experience. Lol? This comes only after protests against corruption in which the president and his vice had both been arrested for. Here is an excerpt from the Fox News report.

A television comedian was elected president of Guatemala Sunday night after a wave of protests and widespread public anger over corruption helped oust the Central American country’s previous government.

Former first lady Sandra Torres conceded defeat to Jimmy Morales in the runoff vote after returns showed Morales garnered 69 percent of the vote with 94 percent of the polling stations reporting.

“We recognize Jimmy Morales’ triumph and we wish him success,” Torres said. “Guatemala has serious problems, but the people made their choice and we respect it.”

The runoff was held a month and a half after President Otto Perez Molina resigned and was jailed in connection with a sprawling customs scandal. His former vice president has also been jailed in the multimillion-dollar graft and fraud scheme.

Though the protests have died down since Perez Molina’s resignation, many Guatemalans remain fed up with corruption and politics as usual, and Morales will face pressure to deliver immediately on widespread demands for reform.

The 46-year-old funnyman who reportedly has no prior experience in politics said:

“I have been asked if we have the capacity to govern, and we have been emphatic in saying that alone — no — but with the blessing of God, and the support of the people, we are sure that yes, we can. Because Guatemala has made a choice that it wants a change,” he said.

We wish him all the success in the world

Read more here: Fox news

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